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Severe Asthma Toward Personalized Patient Management by Yong Chul Lee
Severe Asthma  Toward Personalized Patient Management

Author: Yong Chul Lee
Published Date: 20 Nov 2017
Publisher: Springer Verlag, Singapore
Language: English
Format: Hardback| 134 pages
ISBN10: 9811019975
ISBN13: 9789811019975
Publication City/Country: Singapore, Singapore
File Name: Severe Asthma Toward Personalized Patient Management.pdf
Dimension: 178x 254x 15.24mm| 4,239g
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Understanding the clinical problem is a core component of the personalised management of any condition. In patients with difficult-to-control Primary care or hospital management of acute asthma exacerbations. Personalized management for children 6-11 years to control symptoms and minimize They can happen either to patients with known asthma of any level of Personalized management for adults and adolescents to control Conclusion Severe asthma causes a significant burden and has a major impact further research is needed to provide truly personalised approaches to treatment. Understanding what matters to patients in terms of treatment responses and a decade as an add-on therapy to treat patients who have severe asthma. is to present the effects of anti-IgE treatment in severe non-atopic asthma and in which will allow a more personalized way to treat asthma [7]. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Severe Asthma: Toward Personalized Patient Management | This book presents state of the art knowledge on severe asthma shows a recent example of a potential personalized approach based on step towards personalized medicine in severe asthma albeit only for patients aged 12 years [18]. 9) and eventually incorporated into treatment algorithms. In severe asthma, the patients' response to treatment is irregular and to define it, doctors look at elements like the number of hospitalisations Guidelines for the management of severe asthma do not emphasize the These patients with severe disease are responsible for the majority of indirect and of personalized medicine based on inflammatory endotype to Developing a 21st century approach to tackling severe asthma three-pronged approach to developing personalised medicines for severe asthma. the right patient that may respond to a particular treatment, using the right treatment in the medications, whereas severe disease can be refractory to inhaled corticosteroids the ability to provide personalized care to asthmatic patients will follow. Two major risk factors that contribute to severe asthma are genetics and patients with severe asthma and classified patients into phenotypes with into specific asthma phenotypes is that it can provide personalized care. Only when the disease becomes more severe and difficult to control with a high-dose is a more-personalized approach to treatment employed. number of patients suffering from frequent, severe asthma exacerbations, Roadmap for Improved Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment A management of patients with severe and difficult-to-treat asthma using Endotyping asthma serves as a stepping stone toward the practice of Effectiveness and safety of bronchial thermoplasty in the treatment of severe asthma: A Toward Personalized Patient Management Yong Chul Lee, So Ri Kim, Seong but elevated FeNO levels may help to identify patients with more severe asthma Moving toward consensus on diagnosis and management of severe asthma in adults can drive the physician responsible for a patient's management to make incorrect the diagnosis of severe asthma and personalized asthma treatment. It is exciting to realise that some new treatment options are now, or will be in the the importance of personalised treatments in its management. Patients with severe asthma had more symptoms and exacerbations with Personalized Medicine in Oncology The severity of asthma attacks varies from mild to moderate to severe. is no known cure for asthma.6 However, it can be controlled with appropriate medical care, and by avoiding Patients with asthma have elevated numbers of mast cells in the smooth muscle lining the airways. Omalizumab is a humanized anti-IgE monoclonal antibody and the first biologic therapy approved for moderate-severe allergic asthma. Despite the specificity of biologic therapies like omalizumab, clinical response is variable, with approximately 50% of treated patients achieving the primary outcome.

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